A Letter From Dorthy Craven

To Our Family of Patients,

As you may already know, my husband, Dr. Brent H. Craven, passed away unexpectedly in February. Obviously, this is a very trying and emotionally sensitive time for our family and for the staff as Brent was deeply loved and will be sorely missed! I am grateful to the wonderful dentist friends and the amazing staff at Davis Dental Care who have stepped up to continue caring for your dental needs during this heart-crushing time for our family. I know that Brent made a personal connection with each of you as you trusted him.

Despite this tragedy, we have been fortunate to find Dr. Hans Smith, whom we have selected to take over Dr. Craven’s practice and to continue to provide for your oral health needs.

Having worked side by side for over 36 years with Brent in our practice – and for many of you, having been your hygienist over 25 years – it was most important that the doctor we chose to carry on the legacy of Davis Dental Care would be the kind of dentist who not only did great dental work but a dentist who would treat each and every patient as a friend. We feel we have found this in Dr. Smith. Dr. Craven’s staff and I feel confident that Dr. Smith will continue to provide you and your family with the same gentle, friendly and high-quality dental care that you are accustomed to receiving at Davis Dental Care in Layton.

Dr. Hans Smith received his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the same dental school that Dr. Craven graduated from, the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Dr. Smith opened his first office in 2001 in Tooele, Utah. After building that practice over the last 14 years, he sold the practice last year to pursue an opportunity to work closer to home. Dr. Smith and his wife Alicia have five kids whom they love very much. Dr. Smith has many hobbies and interests, but at the top of the list is golf. He loves spending time with his wife, and their favorite activity is walking up Farmington Canyon or around the Buffalo Ranch trail near their home.

Dr. Smith is very capable in all aspects of dentistry but especially enjoys placing and restoring dental implants and orthodontics (braces) on kids and adults. He seeks to create a very comfortable, family atmosphere in the office, one where you can come and feel like you are going to get the very best care from people who know you and people you trust.

The staff and I want to thank each of you, not only for the trust and confidence you have shown Dr. Craven, but also for the warm expressions of condolence, support, and kindness you have shown all of us during this difficult time. I know Brent enjoyed spending time and becoming acquainted with each of you. We appreciate your continuing to honor him and his legacy through your ongoing loyalty to the practice and to Dr. Hans Smith as Dr. Craven’s successor.

Dr. Craven’s staff – all of whom are staying with the practice – will be here to assist you with your dental needs, and they will be contacting you with regards to your next scheduled visit at Davis Dental Care.

Warm Regards,

Dorothy Craven, wife of Dr. Brent H. Craven

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